90% Knitting – Episode 139

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYOxpA4A.x?p=1 width=”480″ height=”388″]

Show notes will be up in the episode thread on Ravelry on the 90% Knitting board.

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One Response to 90% Knitting – Episode 139

  1. blthames says:

    Got both of my skeins of your yarn already. One Wednesday and one yesterday. I’m thrilled with them and can’t wait for the time to cast on another pair of socks. Still busy making wedding presents for my niece (she needed dish towels so I’m knitting away) and more socks for me. I never seem to have socks in the right colors so I’m working on making some that will actually coordinate with my shirts.

    I put in a blurb about gifting a skein of yarn to a friend — and you’re right that it’s a really nice way to show people you do care about them. I know how it feels to be depressed and she was.

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