Episode 57 – Delay!

I posted this earlier to the Rav group, but I thought I’d post it here too in case you didn’t see it there:

I’ve decided not to record this week. It’s not been a great week for me personally on a few fronts, and while knitting & spinning is still happening, I don’t feel like I can muster the emotional energy to put out a decent podcast this week. This all probably sounds way worse than it really is, but that’s how I’m feeling tonight.

Thanks in advance for understanding, and I’ll catch up with you next Wednesday, the 21st. :)

PS – There is also not going to be a shop update this Friday due to family being in from out of town and me wanting to maximize my time with them! Next update will be on 3/23.


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5 Responses to Episode 57 – Delay!

  1. Nancy Hildebrant says:

    Hugs, Lisa! We’ll miss you this week, but everyone’s better off when you take care of YOU.
    Nancy in Holland, MI

  2. penelope10 says:

    I hope your week goes well, we will hear from you next week! Penny xx

  3. folksmith says:

    You will be missed. Have a Happy St Patrick’s Day and fun with the family!

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