90% Knitting – Episode 45

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hu4NguO8EgA width=”480″ height=”385″]


1. Started – Designing Anna Hat, FDW Cozy, Gala Red, US8
2. Spinning – Sidekick! Woolgatherings BFL/Tussah, 4 oz.
3. TARDIS bag by Vickie of Bird Leg Bags on Etsy
4. Ethereal Fibers yarn, Fish Bowl colorway
5. Walnut Grove pattern by Karrie Steinmetz


1. Update Friday – last regular update until 1/6. Everything from this week will ship on Monday.
2. There will be one Nyan Cat set of listings before Christmas
3. Special orders still taking!
4. Can also order custom amounts of some bases, ask!
5. GC’s – are in the shop! Special orders only. $10 and $25; Custom available.
6. December Thank You – Through the end of the month, free domestic shipping, half off Canada, 25% off int’l. Includes special orders. Automatic. No coupon code.
4. Rav patterns still 25% off (discount will apply when you check out)


1. Cindy Moore, a.k.a FitterKnitter – 2012 Calendar of Hope sales to raise money for  the armyofwomen.com which is trying to find out WHY we get breast cancer.
2. Book Review – Nordic Knits
3. Quickie KAL project – Winey things! See the Rav board post for links to the ones I showed on the podcast.

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7 Responses to 90% Knitting – Episode 45

  1. Mette says:

    Being Scandinavian I can honestly say, that I have never seen a man wearing legwarmers. Nor do the people I know tuck their pants into their socks :D
    The thigh high pirate boots, however, were a big hit among Danish teenagers one or two years ago… Hmm..

    Thank you for a good show!


    • fibernymph says:

      Oh well…I guess we’ll chalk the tucked in jammie bottoms to a quirky stylist then. ;)

      That’s funny about the boots. They’re actually kind of cool looking, but I’m way too short to pull them off. LOL

  2. trici says:

    in the eighties it was pretty hip to tuck your pants into your slouchie socks!

  3. dodington says:

    Oh dear. I feel a little apprehensive owning up to this but when I lived in Canada (up until this year) I wore my pants tucked into my socks. It kept the draughts out. Also, if you wear em to bed that way your pant legs don’t end up above your knees, leaving your calves to freeze. Sidenote: I didn’t keep the heat up that high. It is probably not a normal practice ;)

  4. Dísa says:

    I’m an icelander and people tuck their pants into their socks up there … it’s simply warmer.
    I currently live in Denmark and I still do it and I don’t care what it looks like
    I grew up on a farm and having your pants tucked into your socks makes the whole putting outer-wear on alot easier and you have to do that several times a day so people don’t bother with pulling them out of their socks between being outside and being inside …

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