90% Knitting – Episode 43

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  1. Finished –  Mindless Knitting Hat; FDW Elemental 2, US8/5mm (Nerd Wars)
  2. Finished – Hijinx Socks; FDW Amble, Hijinx colorway; US1.5/2.5mm
  3. Finished – Skating Hat by Julie Beirlein; Plymouth Tweed held double; US11/8mm
  4. Finished – Triangle, Nerd Wars technical challenge; leftovers; US8/5mm
  5. Working on – Interlocked Sock #2; FDW Happy Camper, Violet semi; US2.5/3mm
  6. Working on – Seeded Rib Socks; FDW Heavenly, Marmaris; US1.5/2.5mm
  7. Working on – Madrona Shawl; Scarlett Fleece handspun, 100% Aust. Merino; Raisin Berry; US ?
  8. Working on – A random sweater? Debbie Bliss Merino DK; US?
  9. Spinning – Finished the Merino/Bamboo, Poseidon’s Love; 325 good yards, 100 crappy yards
  10. Spinning – Started FDW Falkland; Taste the Rainbow; no plan!
  11. New things – Another Ocean Patch Creations bag, medium; Sheep Heid Kit; Bullseye Batt from the Bullseye Batt club at loop.


  1. 4 Nyan Cat went up on Monday. Announcing a day ahead on FDW Rav Group , Plurk & FB page.
  2. Gift Certificates are in the shop! Good for special orders only. $10 and $25 values are listed, but any amount is available by custom order.
  3. December Thank You – Today through Dec., free domestic shipping, half off Canada, 25% off int’l. Includes special orders. Automatic. No coupon code.
  4. Also, all of my paid Ravelry patterns are on sale 25% now through the end of December. Call Before Digging Hat, Twisted & Twining Cowl. Ridgelines Shawl.
  5. Update Friday, early afternoon!
  6. Knitter’s Choice Club coming – here’s what you need to know:
  • There will be 25 spots available.
  • Sign ups will open at 9 a.m. on Friday, December 2 and close at 9 p.m. on Monday, December 5th.
  • If more than 25 people sign up for the club, members will be picked via RNG/lottery.
  • Sign up form will be here on the FDW blog. I will post the link on both the FDW Ravelry group and the FDW FB page.
  • Members will have at least two exclusive club colorways to choose from for their shipment each month. Also, each month’s yarn will be a new base that I’ve not yet carried in the shop, so members will be the first to enjoy it!
  • In January, members will have the option of purchasing a second skein of their choice of club colorway. In February and March, only one skein per member will be available, but these shipments will include an exclusive pattern that has been designed specifically for our club.
  • The price point for the club shipments will be between $35 – $40. (January’s cost will be higher if a member chooses the second skein option.)
  • Information about each month’s yarn and colorway choices will be made available to members by the 15th of the month prior to club shipment.
  • Payment and colorway choices will be due by the 1st of the shipment month. Shipments will be mailed out no later than the last week of each shipment month.
  • While the club colorways and patterns will remain exclusive for a period of six months, you are welcome to trade, gift or sell your club shipments as you choose once you receive them.


  1. Quickie KAL drawing – if you’re the winner, please PM me on Ravelry or email me at fibernymph@gmail.com to claim your prize!
  2. Quickie KAL project – Ember Scraper Mitt by Cirilia Rose
  3. New podcast – Charminglochie by Kelly
  4. Verena Knitting newsletter
  5. Old knitting/crochet books of my mom’s from Columbia-Minerva. Never heard of the company!
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One Response to 90% Knitting – Episode 43

  1. Enid Mary Shaw says:

    well done, Lisa!!! obviously a break from blogging, and its pressures, were what you needed. I’ll look out for the Verena newsletter, thanks for the shout.
    take care

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