90% Knitting – Episode 33

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hu4NgtOjZgA width=”480″ height=”385″]

What’s Happenin’…

  1. Finished – Brambles Beret, Amanda Muscha, FDW Cozy, Earthenware Red, 150 yd. US 4&6.
  2. Finished – First Seeded Rib sock, FDW Heavenly, Marmaris, US 1.5
  3. Finished – Secret Project
  4. Still working on – Spoked Cardigan by Carol Feller, IK Weekend, Noro Silver Thaw, US8/5mm. Mods.
  5. Soon – Owl Mitts, Sandra Satre, FDW Elemental 3.0, Summer Squash Yellow, US8
  6. Soon – Socktoberfest!

Shop Update…

  • This week the shop will update on Saturday, Sept. 17, between noon and 2:00 eastern.


  1. Since Plurk Podcaster’s Challenge is still going on, we’ll continue with your choice of any PPC pattern for your Quickie KAL. Be sure to include the name of the podcaster that had been assigned your pattern when you post the picture of your FO in the Quickie KAL thread on Rav.
  2. Cute chainmaille earrings by Sarah/Rainloverknits in her Etsy shop.


  1. Marine son is home, having fun with him! Big picnic on Saturday! Cleaning! Cooking! Ack!
  2. We will not talk of the horribleness that was the Steelers/Ravens game last week. We will put it from our minds and never speak of it again.
  3. More yarn and fiber and goodies going into the Birthday Giveaway pool! Be sure to enter for any or all of them by answering each thread’s question at the Rav group. Drawings will be in a special podcast on Sept. 27.
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