90% Knitting – Episode 31

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We reached 700 members last week! If you were the winner of the Membership Milestone drawing, please PM on Rav me with your address so I can send your prize!

What’s Happenin’…

  1. Finished – Maluka out of FDW Cirrus, Berry Stained Fingers, US6
  2. Started – Spoked Cardigan by Carol Feller, IK Weekend, Noro Silver Thaw, US8/5mm. Mods.
  3. Blocked Simplistic Cowl, Pogona & Ridgeline.

Shop Update…

  1. Update tomorrow after 12:00 noon!
  2. All caught up on special orders (except recent ones).
  3. Interlocked is out to test knitters & being worked on.
  4. Indie Knit & Spin, in Pittsburgh, PA, Nov 19, 11 – 5.
  5. New buttons are finally ordered!


  1. Lynn Zimm’s MAW fundraiser – Over $8000. Prizes drawn.
  2. Stashdown Update –DK Stash Down, 26.5 skeins final count!
  3. Sweaters will be sent out!
  4. Rav Group Quickie KAL – Apple Cozy, Linda Dawkins (knitted version); Adorable Apple Cozy, Theresa Grant (crochet version).
  5. August Quickie KAL drawing – if you’re the winner, please PM me on Rav with your address! :)


  1. Happy fall! (Yes, September 1st is the beginning of Meteorological autumn, honest!)
  2. Huge thank you for everyone’s thoughts & prayers about Emma, and for posting on the Thankfulness Drawing thread. Please continue! Drawing is next week.
  3. Also a huge thank you to Laurie, knitswithbears, for her donation to help with shipping.


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7 Responses to 90% Knitting – Episode 31

  1. folksmith says:

    Fall is my favorite season, also. Could it be because I was born in October and both of my daughters were born in the fall? I’ve always loved the changing of the leaves. Since moving back to where the leaves are so colorful, we lived 25 years in Idaho, it will be my oldest daughters first year to see the leaves change in the east. Can’t wait to see what she thinks.

    Love your podcast, it makes me laugh and the longer the better! Hope to catch the opening of your shop tomorrow.

  2. folksmith says:

    we get some colorful leaves but it doesn’t last as long as it does here. there are mostly evergreen trees in that state.

  3. Tami T says:

    Another great podcast. I too feel like I’m in the room chatting with a friend. Your afghan hook is used in tunisian(sp) crochet. There are many patterns for blankets that end up more like a woven fabric than a crochet. It’s a fun thing to do if you want to cross stitch a design on a blanket square. I have a few patterns for kids blankets that use it then you stitch a design in each block. I know that one of the podcasts was recently taking about it, I think it may have been the savvy girls.

  4. ruth says:

    Tunisian hooks – the length of the hook enables you to work in long rows and have many stitches on the hook by working back and forth (just like in knitting on straight needles) at any one time as opposed to traditional crochet where you would have one loop on the hook at any one time.

  5. folksmith says:

    check this out for crochet instructions for an apple and banana cozy.

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