90% Knitting – Episode 30

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What’s Happenin’…

  1. Finished Simplistic Cowl, Sarah Campbell, Blue Sky Alpaca Melange, US5
  2. Started generic sock – Manly sock? Lana Grossa Meilenweit Party, US 1.5, 72 stitches
  3. Show samples – Started another design sock, tentatively called the Seeded Rib socks, using FDW Heavenly, Marmaris, US 1.5
  4. Started Maluka out of FDW Cirrus, Berry Stained Fingers, US6
  5. Camp Loopy #3 project – dropped out. Will still knit Pia Laceweight pullover in Zauberball lace, black/gray/white, US3

Shop Update…

  1. The shop will return to regular updates next week on Sept 2nd.
  2. I’m taking special orders again.
  3. Interlocked Socks pattern is out to test knitters.
  4. I will be in a local Pittsburgh indie yarn & fiber show on November 19. Planning is still underway, so more details as I have them.


  1. Review of Fall 2011 Love of Knitting magazine; brief peek at my favorite things from Interweave Knits Weekend magazine.
  2. Rav Group Quickie KAL – TARDIS Kindle Case by Stephanie Walls
  3. Today is the last day to donate to Lynn Zimm’s MAW fundraiser (Oops! Sorry! The deadline was at noon today. My bad!)
  4. Stitches Midwest this weekend – check out the podcaster meet & greet if you’re going to be there! Wish I could go!
  5. Stashdown Update –DK Stash Down, 26 skeins.

Giveaways! Watch & see if you won. I’ll wait a week before contacting winners so they have a chance to find out for themselves that they won. :)

  1. Giveaway #3 – Spud & Chloe Sweater leftovers
  2. Giveaway #1 – Scarlett Cardi, Jane Ellison; Noro Matsuri.
  3. Giveaway #2 – Feb Lady Sweater, Pamela Wynne, Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool.


  1. Finished listening to Boy by Roald Dahl on my trip last weekend. REALLY recommend it! Very good. Loved the audiobook from Audible.
  2. We experienced both tragedy & miracles here in our community & family this past week. I share that toward the end of the podcast. As a response to both, and to my new decision to do what I can to obliterate snarkiness & meanness from the world, I’ll be doing a Thankfulness Giveaway on Sept. 8. Check the Rav board for more details on how to enter!
  3. Bought 30 Day Shred. Super cheap at B&N!
  4. In addition to continuing to post the podcast to this blog, along with other shop & important Fibernymph related things, I am going to resurrect my old Inspired blog as a place for the kinds of posts I used to publish there…person, knitting, photos, etc. Check it out in the coming weeks if you’re interested.
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4 Responses to 90% Knitting – Episode 30

  1. Praise God! for answered prayer.

  2. Tami T says:

    What wonderful news that you and your family have recieved. I’m so happy for you. I’m leaving my thoughfulness coment here for a reason. Please do not include me in the drawing for the goodies. I want them to go to someone who needs it much more than I do.
    I’m thankfull for those people in my life that I have been given the opportunity to call friends. Many are knitters that I’ve “spoken” to through chat or VKN’s. They are also there for me when I need someone to listen, or cheer on a new project, or just talk me down when things aren’t going so well. Many come with me in my long car rides and we speak of knitting and spinning and all the joy and pain that comes with our chosen crafts. They show and tell me about projects that I need, some fabulous yarn I have to have of some great project that is being done to make someone else smile. What a great group of people I am lucky to surround myself with. I’m so glad that I get the privelege of calling you friend also. I’ll continue to pray for you and your family.
    Thank You

    • fibernymph says:

      Thanks, Tami! And I know what you mean. The knitting/fiber community is awesome, whether in person or through the net. I don’t really have a local knit group I’m a part of, so I especially appreciate all of the friendships I’ve made through Rav and Plurk and how I feel like I can get to “know” other people through their podcasts and such. It really is a unique way to have relationships that no other generation before us had. :)

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