90% Knitting – Episode 22

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hu4NgsSODQA.html width=”480″ height=”385″]

Show notes:

What’s Happenin’…

  • Finished my Flutter-bys in Keegan Lane Yarns Tippy Toes Sock, Tiny Umbrellas colorway, US1/2.25mm.
  • Finished my in-process-designing hat, Twistygoo, out of Wool of the Andes, Color 30, US6/4mm.
  • Finished my June/July KGASS square!
  • Started a sock out of a colorway I’m testing for the shop.
  • Started a Chevron baby blanket using a stash of eight colors of Bunny Hop yarn, US9/5.5mm.
  • Good mail week – Highland Handmades sock yarn in Firestarter; a new Piddleloop Bag, some BeaGin stitch markers to include in gifts/swaps; two pairs of Signature Circulars (US3 and US6, 32″ cable, 5″ needles, stiletto points).
  • Bought four new patterns: Arcadian Shawl, Cosette Wrap, Hitchhiker, Moor…found Deco on my desk when I cleaned.

Shop Update

  • Tour de Fleece 15% off fiber sale is extended from June 30 to July 1 — one extra day, but it allows for one more update! :)


  • This week’s Quickie KAL will be the Grumpasaurus by Kat Lewinski. (This is the last week of the month so get your KAL FO pics up so you will be entered in the drawing that will happen next week!)
  • My Stash Dash current total – 2,139 yards! Woohoo!


  • I’ve started reading Truck by Michael Perry.
  • Torn ligament in my son’s ankle…lots of XBox in his future. ;)


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8 Responses to 90% Knitting – Episode 22

  1. Thanks Lisa!

    And I laughed at “Weird Rubber Worms!”
    And don’t live in fear! Take on that Evenstar and show it who’s boss!
    The Firestarter is so pretty! Your camera really shows the colors well.
    YAY for Camp Loopy! And yeah for Plurk! We will enable you. It’s paybacks for all the enabling you’ve done via the podcast. ;)
    The Roof Is On Fire is a beautiful mistake! If yarn purchases hadn’t come up in the conversation between Israel and I tonight (which was sort of a fight), I would have snagged it tonight during the shop update.

    • fibernymph says:

      Everyone needs a weird rubber worm. ;)

      Sorry you had a sort-of fight with your hubby over yarn buying…it sucks to disagree over stuff long distance like that. :(

    • Rohan says:

      You know, it might be a small shawl. I have found some shawl patterns, same shape as the btkuas, but a little harder to keep my brain on it’s toes. Plus it uses a circular needle which is nice for ttc rides, keeps me from accidentally stabbing people with needles. Accidentally. Heh.

  2. LoriAngela says:

    Love the show and caught me some monster yarn! Yay! Don’t fear the shawl. What’s the worst that could happen. Perhaps it’s time to treat yourself to some uninterupted quiet time. About the ankle (been there) time to teach that boy to knit!

  3. MiataMiMi says:

    You are so funny; I enjoy your videocast; I don’t know how you get so much done. It was nice to hear the rain outside your window; I am in central USA; we need rain so badly. Keep up the good work.

  4. kramox says:

    I had to pause ’cause I’m laughing so hard to you wanting to call the yarn George :D
    My bf is looking at me like ‘it couldn’t be that much fun’ and I just can’t explain to him what I am laughing at. He just wouldn’t get it.

    Love, Love, LOVE your show!

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