90% Knitting – Episode 20

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYLBhkgA%5D

Show Notes!

Welcome to the new members of the 90% Knitting Ravelry group, and yeay! We’ve reached 500 members! SorcererMickey/Natasha was member #500! :)

What’s Happenin’…

  • We had a good vacation, sick boy child notwithstanding on the front end of the trip. Lots of vacation knitting happened, including:
  • Finished the Summer Mystery Shawlette by Wendy Johnson, Fibernymph Dye Works Cirrus Light Fingering Weight yarn in the Smoke on the Water colorway, US 5/3.75mm needles. Still needs blocked.
  • Finished my long-languishing sock class socks, Jojoland Melody, colorway MS26, US 1/2.25mm needles.
  • Knit through Chart One and part of Chart Two on Evenstar, Susan Pandorf, Highland Handmades Black Cherry Lace Yarn in Blue Lobster colorway, US 3/3.25mm needles. Note: if you’re following the charts, be sure to check in on what to do on the blue colored rounds because you have to shift stitches/markers around. Ask me how I know. :}
  • After two false starts with different patterns, I finally settled on the Flutter-by Sock pattern by Shannon Robalino for my Keegan Lane Yarns Tippy Toes, Tiny Umbrellas colorway, US 1/2.25mm needles. One sock down, second sock underway.
  • I didn’t read as much on vacation as I’d have liked, but I finished listening to the audiobook version of My Korean Deli by Ben Ryder Howe, who also reads it (really enjoyed it) and started reading Hit By a Farm by Catherine Friend.
  • I indulged in some vacation stash enhancement, souvenir yarn, if you will, when I visited A Stitch in Time in Jacksonville, where my Plurk buddy Kimber was working. I came home with two new (to me) colorways of Malabrigo Rios (Purpuras and Arco Iris), two skeins each, a skein of Mad Tosh Sock in Tomato, two skeins of Road to China Silken Jewels yarn in the Lapis colorway (this yarn contains baby alpaca, cashmere, camel and silk! yum!) and two balls of purple Elsebeth Lavold Baby Llama that I had to buy because a) I have never knit with llama yarn before and b) I am a huge Llamas with Hats fan, and therefore immediately knew I had to knit a Hat with Llama.
  • (If you have never seen any of the Llamas with Hats videos, here’s the link to the first one. There are four more. They definitely appeal to those with a warped sense of humor…right up my alley. LOL Probably not suitable for younger kids. They are created by the same mastermind behind the Charlie the Unicorn videos and Detective Mittens. And How to Play the Violin, which Emma and I quote the final line of often and at very random times.)
  • (And while this is by a totally different creator, I feel the need to share it because it is freaking funny. Learn 2 Read.)
  • End YouTube digression.

Shop Update:

  • Lots of superwash sportweight going up in the shop tomorrow after 12:00 noon, some light fingering and some sock as well as eight braids of fiber.
  • In anticipation of Tour de Fleece, which begins July 2, all spinning fiber in the FDW shop will be discounted 15% between now and the end of June, so stock up and get ready to spin!


  • Tour de Fleece runs July 2 – 24. I’m not starting a 90% Knitting team, but there are a ton of other teams to join, either on the TdF board or wild card teams. I’ll be spinning for Team The Knit Girllls and Team Plurk this year.
  • Sheri at The Loopy Ewe announced the plan for Camp Loopy this summer. Read about it here if you’re interested in playing along.
  • This week’s Quickie KAL project is going to be the Flutter-by Socks by Shannon Robalino. Socks might not seem quick, but trust me, this pattern moves along quite nicely. It’s an excellent pattern for highly variegated yarns, too.


  • I love my Motorola Xoom tablet! Used it all through vacation. It is pure awesomeness! (I got the one with 3G…totally rocks!)
  • Kevin and I will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary on Sunday! Also pure awesomeness!
  • In order to properly celebrate reaching 500 members, I decided that I should do five more yarn drawings! Tune it to see who won what! :)
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