90% Knitting – Episode 19

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYK_jFsA%5D

Sorry folks…I’ve been sucking with the show notes lately since I never got them up for last week (despite my best intentions!) and due to my imminent departure for vacation tomorrow, I know I don’t have time to do them for today’s episode. So! If there is anything you have questions about, please feel free to post them in the Episode 19 thread on the 90% Knitting Ravelry board, and I’ll answer them from there. If you have questions about yarn, needles, patterns, etc. for any of my projects, chances are you can find that info plus notes on my individual project pages on Rav. Thanks for bearing with me during this crazy time!

As I noted during this episode, there definitely will not be an episode next week while I’m away. I may be able to squeeze one in the Thursday after I get back, but if I have to decide between working on shop stuff for the 6/10 shop update and doing a videocast recording, I’m afraid the shop will take precedence. So! Stay tuned…Episode 20 will happen at some point! :}

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