90% Knitting – Episode12

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKznWYA%5D

If you’re viewing this on the main page of the Fibernymph Dye Works blog and you are not seeing all of the right sidebar info (such as newsletter sign up button, shop button, blog list, etc.), know that I am trying to figure out why it has disappeared! You can still view all of those items if you click on any individual post and go to its page. It’s just the main blog page that is being persnickety for some reason. Sigh. Technology. At least the videocast only took one try this week! That’s something!

(ETA: I think I have it fixed now! The sidebar should be over there again. Let me know if you aren’t seeing it, ‘k?)



  • Moody Blues Socks, my hand-dyed, US1/2.25mm…yes, still.
  • Plain vanilla sock for the sock class I’m teaching, Jojoland Melody yarn, colorway MS26, US1/2.25mm.
  • Susie’s Reading Mitts, Susie Rodgers & Janella Masters, DIC Classy, Lipstick Lava colorway, US5/3.25mm


One Susie’s Reading Mitt.


  • Knit Girllls SAL fiber dyed by Tempted, 3/4 down, 1/4 to go, then ply!


  • Sock yarn, both 100% and 75/25. Some repeat colorways and one new one, Marmaris.
  • Light fingering, two new colors, Pistachio Pudding and Cosmos.
  • Worsted & worsted wee-stripes/solid coordinating sets in three new colorways: Chim Chim Cher-oo, Citrus Twist, Lafayette and Sea Level.
  • This week’s fiber is Alpaca dyed in four different colorways.
  • There should be more bags this week, same fabrics as last week.
  • This week’s update will be on Friday between 9 a.m. and noon.


  • Online postage at Stamps.com FTW!
  • New videocasts I’m enjoying: Addicted to Yarn with Becky, The Expectant Knitter with Steph, Knit 1, Heart too with Wendy and Sheila, Sweaters for Dragons with Eric.
  • This week’s Rav Group Quickie KAL will be the Springtime Bandit shawl by Kate Osborn. This is a bigger KAL project, I know, but it is written for aran weight yarn, which would make it fairly quick. You can do it any weight yarn, though. And if you’re not up for a shawl, feel free to do a past KAL project that maybe you didn’t get to. Next week will be a small crochet project.


  • The weather is warm, my windows are open, but my screens are not in, thus letting in cats, bugs and two very crunchy spiders. :::shudder:::
  • Our school year is winding down in the next month! Yeay!
  • I’ll be traveling: Going to Spring Fling in two weeks (I’ll be videocasting on Tuesday the 26th instead of Wed. the 27 that week, so the KAL drawing will be a day earlier than planned…get your KAL project pictures posted!) and I’ll be going to Florida to visit my mom for a week at the beginning of June. Yeay! :)
  • I’m now no longer updating the old blog, so show notes and all else newsy for the shop and the videocast will be posted here at the official FDW blog from now on.
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3 Responses to 90% Knitting – Episode12

  1. suezeeknits says:

    OH why oh why was I sipping my coffee when you said you think of Erin when you think of hooters. LOL You crack me up!

  2. Are you on WordPress? Your sidebar is there, just way down at the bottom. I had the same thing happen on one of my blogs a while back. I think it may be that you have something on the main page or sidebar that’s too wide, so in order to accommodate it, the sidebar’s getting pushed down instead…

    I’m a fairly new viewer of your podcast but loving it so far! :)

    • fibernymph says:

      I think that may be it too, but the only things I see showing up really wide are some posts, which makes no sense to me since the post parameters are part of the WordPress theme I’m using?? Argh.

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