90% Knitting: Episode 8

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/hu4NgqvtAgA%5D

This week my daughter Emma joins me for the videocast. We’re also using a new camera,
which hopefully will not throw in any technical surprises with regard to viewing it. Fingers

(Note that right around the 15 minute mark, there is a weird jump in what I’m saying…had
to stop to deal with a phone call and had to stop recording for a few minutes, but that isn’t
overly obvious in the video, it just kind of looks like I randomly switched topics…I’m
scattered, but not that scattered. LOL)

Welcome to all of the new members this week who introduced themselves on the 90%
Knitting Rav board.

And thank you to ALL of you who watch 90% Knitting. There are a ton of knitting
videocasts out right now, so I appreciate that you choose to use your valuable time
watching mine. :)

The shawl I’m wearing is the Traveling Woman, pattern by Liz Abinate, which I made last
year out of Fleece Artist Merino 2/6, Moss colorway.




  • Dyeabolical Yarns, BFL & Silk fiber, Juniper colorway. Since I forgot to bring the
    bobbins in for recording, here’s a picture…the one on the left is the second
    quarter(ish) of the fiber. I’m so bad at dividing fiber equally.

  • Check out my special episode, Intro to Spinning.
  • If you’d like to see a good video plying demonstration, check out the one
    LynnZimm — spinner extraordinaire! — recorded last week.
  • Dyed four braids of 100% Merino top for the shop, including the one informally
    being referred to as the “Happy Hippy” colorway. ;) Did some yarn dyeing as well,
    though some was for specific people, so I didn’t show it, and the rest of it was still


  • I’m teaching my first class at the new LYS this Saturday, Beginning Knitting.


  • Dyeing oops…learned that dye doesn’t always do what you think it will do under
    certain circumstances. So noted. :}


  • If you’re looking for a drop spindle, check out the ones made by Highland
    . I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. Individual spindles
    and fibers are available in her shop now, but Heather is putting together more
    spinning kits for anyone just starting out or who’d like both a spindle and a bit of
    starting fiber. She said they’ll be listed sometime this weekend.


  • Received my Knit Girllls SAL fiber in the mail from Tempted today! Yum!
  • The 90% Knitting Quickie KAL pattern for this week will be the Pedestrian
    Crossing Cowl
    by Melissa Tuttle Sibley of Keegan Lane Yarns. Perfect project for
    Malabrigo Rios, if you’re still looking for a Malabrigo March project.
  • Made reservations for the hubby and I to go to Rhinebeck in October. Yeay!
  • New videocasts you might want to check out…I haven’t had a chance to watch all
    of them yet, but you can’t say there aren’t viewing options! ;) (Rather than link
    them all here, you can find the links to them over to the right in the sidebar for
    Knitting Videocasts.)

    • A Chronic Knitter
    • Complex Textures
    • Dragonfly Soars
    • Knit Bytes
    • Needle Bound
    • Suezee Knits
    • The Expectant Knitter
    • This Cat Knits
  • I’m putting together a new blog to go along with the shop once it opens.
    Eventually, this blog will no longer be updated, and all new videocasts will be
    posted over on the Fibernymph Dye Works blog (the old ones have already been
    put up over there as well), along with shop news and my own knitting, spinning
    and fiber-related news. There is a button over there that will let you sign up to be
    on the FDW mailing list and receive updates about the shop a few times a month.
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