90% Knitting: Episode 3

[blip.tv http://blip.tv/play/AYKi3Q8C%5D

Welcome to Episode 3!

90% Knitting is now available through iTunes. Hopefully, I’ve solved the iPod/iTouch issue with this week’s episode, but if someone could let me know for sure, I’d appreciate it! Also, there is a 90% Knitting group on Ravelry now. C’mon over!

And again I failed to mention the knitted object I was wearing. It was my A Little Jazz scarf that was made from the pattern (by Samantha Roshak) and yarn (Fiesta Baby Boom) from the March 2010 Loopy Sock Club shipment.

I think I rolled my eyes less in this videocast, but they’re still looking shifty. What’s up with that??


  • Calvados, Thea Colman, Cascade 220.
  • February YOSS sock, plain vanilla sock, Fleece Artist Somoko yarn, “Sun” colorway.
  • Swap shawl revealed, even though it is still secret. Check it out on the videocast if you want to know more about it. ;)



  • Finished spinning and plyed the Targhee wool & mohair fiber from last week. Got 285 yards of a worsted weight.
  • Handpainted some Rambouillet-Soy Silk fiber. Check out this blog post for more info on this project.


  • Working on finalizing Twisting & Twining.


  • Calvados Oops Redux…don’t just re-read your pattern if you’ve taken a long break in the middle of a pattern. Go back to your Ravelry project page and see if you’ve left yourself any helpful notes! Duh.


  • No books this week, but Yarndex is a very helpful resource if you’re looking for info on most commercial yarns.


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